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Don't bother with monthly hosting fee, forget about managing and solving your website problems.

Focus on translation and we will think about everything else.

  • Easy to add novel & chapters
  • Personal Novel blogs & notes;
  • Translate & Edit chapters directly on the website
  • Group translation
  • Personal donation box and thank translator button $
  • Add your own Ads - no need to share with anyone;
  • Translation status and progress updates automatically for readers to see
  • Host your translation under your own name or group;
  • Translate at your own pace;
  • Save on hosting cost and concentrate on translation;
  • Make dictionary for each novel to keep notes of frequent words, names, techniques, etc...
  • Add Patreon widget; more features coming soon.....
«» - is a fan translation community platform with powerfull tools for translators and readers to host your work and enjoy your favorite light novels.
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